Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy of Carencro - "Serenity is a phone call away!'
I work by appointment ONLY, please call to schedule your appointment in advance. 337-280-5074

Myofascial Massage:

         This therapy treats skeletal immobility and pain. It is beneficial in relaxing contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation,and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.

$105 - 90 mins
Therapeutic Massage:
Serenity is sure to be yours with this massage. Combines several modalities to suit your specific needs. You will be able to relax and rejuvenate!
$70 - 1 hour
$105 - 90 mins
$135 - 2hrs
Aromatherapy Massage:
A jazzed up version of the therapeutic massage. Essential oils, known for their healing properties are used in conjunction with the massage. Sure to soothe your  mind, body, and soul!
$80 - 1hour 
Prenatal Massage:
This is a relaxation therapy just for mothers to be. Relieve your aching muscles and tension with this treatment specifically designed for the expecting mothers' needs.
$70 - 1 hour
$105 - 90 mins

Hot Stone Massage:
Very comforting massage. Heated basalt stones are used in this massage. Your tired, aching muscles will melt away!
$105 - 1 hr & 15 mins 


Please CALL if you need more information or to SCHEDULE your therapy TODAY.
Judith LeBlanc LMT LA3153/E2747
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